Winery Recycles 1.35 Million Gallons of Water with Napa Green-Certified Wastewater Treatment

Napa Valley, CA
Onsite Wastewater Tanks

When its leach field failed, the owners of Napa Valley winery Castello di Amorosa knew it was time to reconsider their wastewater system. California had experienced a series of droughts, which resulted in increased water-use restrictions, and the need for wineries to reclaim and reuse the treated wastewater.

The winery’s environmental values drove them to search for the best treatment-system technology, design and tank material.

Three ZCL | Xerxes 22,000-gallon/83,000-liter fiberglass wastewater tanks (10-foot-diameter) replaced the previous concrete tanks. A BioMicrobics’ BioBarrier® HSMBR® (High Strength Membrane Bioreactor) treatment system is installed inside each tank.

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