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Case Study

Cistern at cannabis producer

In October 2018, cannabis becomes legal for both medicinal and recreational use in Canada. As a result, organizations are making significant investments into building or expanding cannabis facilities throughout the country.

Governing bodies recommend — and sometimes require — that these producers include a cistern as part of their water system. Licensed producers are installing fiberglass water storage tanks in areas where there is little groundwater or low-performing wells.

A reliable product to meet new opportunities

Cisterns are generally used to capture rainwater, which is then treated and reused for irrigation and/or potable water.

Recently, a new cannabis growing facility in Alberta, Canada, incorporated a 10-foot-diameter, 5,000-gallon/18,000-liter tank for water storage inside their new building. This facility, which includes growing pods, a research lab, a testing lab and office space, needed a potable water tank with an NSF-61 label. We provided a corrosion-resistant, fiberglass water tank that meets this standard.

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