ZCL Xerxes Project Profiles


Fuel Testing Facility

Multicompartment Underground Fuel Tanks

Xerxes supplied seven double-wall multi-compartment fuel storage tanks for a fuels testing facility in Michigan. These tanks have 20 separate storage compartments. Xerxes tanks were selected for several reasons.

As a result of Xerxes tanks being UL listed for comppatibiluty with all motor fuels currently in use, Xerxes tanks were selected to store fuel that will be tested for compliance with performance standards.
Xerxes tanks are not subject to internal or external corrosion exhibited by other materials used in some underground storage tanks. Thus, Xerxes tanks will provide many years of reliable service.
The timeline to develop this facility was critical. Xerxes had to assure the client that all tanks would be produced and delivered to the project site before the end of 2015. Xerxes utilized its’ 6 UST manufacturing locations. deliver all tanks on the required schedule.