Water Storage and Processing Solutions

ZCL manufactures a wide range of aboveground and underground fibreglass tanks designed to meet the demands of the growing water and wastewater infrastructure needs throughout North America. Our water storage tanks, process vessels and wet wells are ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Water Conservation/Green Building

Water conservation has become very important in many parts of North America. Our underground and aboveground storage tanks have become widely accepted for many applications including rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, greywater recycling, chiller unit water collection and numerous other water storage applications. Use of a ZCL tank can also provide a number of facility design options for earning LEED® credits.

*LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council, a nonprofit corporation independent of ZCL Composites Inc.

Fire Protection Tanks

Whether used as a standby supply to supplement a pressurized municipal water system or as a cistern for water storage as part of a dry hydrant design, ZCL underground and aboveground corrosion-resistant fire-protection tanks are the ideal choice.

Onsite Wastewater Storage Tanks

ZCL wastewater storage tanks are designed to meet the wide range of requirements found in small and large flow decentralized wastewater treatment systems, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Grease Interceptors

ZCL fibreglass grease interceptor tanks are commonly used in commercial kitchen design applications. These tanks are offered in both aboveground and underground configurations and are available in a wide range of sizes including IAPMO-listed models.

Potable Water Tanks

ZCL is one of the very few manufacturers to offer an NSF-listed potable water tank with an NSF label affixed to it. An extensive level of testing and facility inspection is necessary to obtain approval to secure an NSF label to a tank. Most competitive products simply use listed materials and don’t subject their products to NSF’s rigourus tests. An NSF-listed potable water tank is available in both underground and aboveground models.

Wet Wells

Our wet well products are designed as vertically buried basins for use in many types of municipal and industrial applications. In some cases, our wet wells are used as standalone lift stations or an alternative to a traditional horizontal storage tank. In other cases, a wet well is used as a pump vault along side a storage tank with a drain line manifold between them.

Water Accessories

Accessories designed to provide design flexibility and ease of installation are available to compliment ZCL storage tanks and wet wells.