Double Wall Fiberglass FRP Underground Fuel Tanks Canada

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Double Wall Fuel Tanks

If legislation requires you to install secondary containment, ZCL double wall tanks make compliance easy and economical. Manufactured using 100% premium grade resin and glass, ZCL double wall fuel tanks are corrosion free, durable and easy to handle.

Single Wall Fuel Tanks

ZCL single wall tanks fulfill all of the requirements of safe single compartment containment for underground storage or petroleum products, hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Single wall tanks are lightweight, strong and provide a long and trouble free solution. ZCL single wall tank standards meet or exceed the performance standards required by Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada – ULC-S-615-98.

Tank Lining

The ZCL Phoenix System uses unique, three-dimensional Parabeam® glass fabric to field fabricate a corrosion resistant, secondarily contained internal tank within an existing underground or aboveground storage tank.