Petroleum Storage and Processing Solutions

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

ZCL's underground fuel tanks are engineered to withstand H-20 axle loading of 32,000 pounds per axle and have holding capacities ranging from 2,500 liters to 110,000 liters.

Tank Lining System

Tank Upgrade System

The ZCL Phoenix System uses unique, three-dimensional Parabeam® glass fabric to field fabricate a corrosion resistant, secondarily contained internal tank within an existing underground or aboveground storage tank.

Underground DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage Tanks

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Storage Tanks

A ZCL fibreglass underground storage tank is an ideal choice for facilities where bulk storage of DEF is necessary. Underground storage offers greater capacity than most aboveground options, while also providing advantages unique to the special storage requirements for DEF.

Oil / Water Separators Tanks

Oil / Water Separators

Thanks to gravity, all the power you need is free. ZCL’s gravity separators have no external energy requirement and have no moving parts. This means no operations costs or parts replacement.

Storage Tank Accessories

Underground Fuel Tank Accessories

Accessories are available to accompany each underground FRP fuel tank's specific needs.