Dual Laminate Tanks

Dual laminate tanks are manufactured for critical service requirements where a thermoplastic liner is introduced as the corrosion surface and the fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) structure is used for all mechanical properties such as high temperature, pressure, vacuum and physical loading.

Using a variety of bonding techniques (chemical and mechanical), modern thermoplastic materials and their resistance to corrosion, permeation and erosion can be designed into a finished product that consists of the most similar expansion rates, best temperature considerations and top permeation effects.

ZCL Dualam vessels have a track record of over 55 years, produce the most effective service life in the CPI industry and come complete with custom designed and engineered calculations, testing and safety.

ZCL Dualam Aboveground Dual Laminate Storage Tanks

Dual Laminate Storage Tanks

ZCL Dualam storage vessels can be custom designed for specific corrosion and temperature requirements and can be manufactured using a variety of thermoplastic liner materials and FRP structural materials. Vessels can be shop fabricated up to 20 feet in diameter, field fabricated or are available as sectional vessels (upon request from ZCL Dualam engineering).

ZCL Dualam Aboveground Dual Laminate Storage Tanks and Scrubbers

Dual Laminate Scrubbers

ZCL Dualam scrubbers are available in various sizes and configurations. Thermoplastic liners are chosen once the corrosion material selection has been made. ZCL Dualam can supply fabricated internals in thermoplastic and dual laminate sandwich constructions to suit the specific process and design needs.

ZCL Dualam Dual Laminate Aboveground Reactors and Tanks

Dual Laminate Reactors & Electrostatic Precipitators

ZCL Dualam provides a wide range of reactors and precipitators and is able to assist  design companies in the selection of proper materials and process design based on experience (on a case-by-case basis).

ZCL Dualam Dual Laminate Accessories

Dual Laminate Accessories & Internals

ZCL Dualam has the ability to provide and fabricate many types of internals for vessels including liquid distributors, packing supports, and spray jets in both thermoplastics and dual laminate sandwich constructions.