Fibreglass Storage Solutions

ZCL corrosion-resistant, light-weight and structurally strong fibreglass storage tanks are the superior choice for a wide range of liquid storage and process applications. From the storage of gasoline and diesel fuel to the collection of rainwater for irrigation purposes, ZCL offers communities, businesses and governments safe and design-proven fibreglass storage tanks.


The ZCL product line of ULC listed tanks for the petroleum equipment industry provide many distinct advantages over competitive storage tanks. We are proud to be the preferred storage tank supplier to a broad and recognizable list of fuel retailers and commercial accounts.

Water & Wastewater

ZCL manufactures a wide range of fibreglass tanks designed to meet the demands of the growing water and wastewater infrastructure needs throughout North America. Our underground water storage tanks and process vessels are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including everything from potable water storage to chemical storage.

Oil and Gas Tanks

Oil & Gas

ZCL provides fibreglass tanks that are corrosion free and able to be monitored through their unique double wall design. This ensure that oil and gas sites have the security and protection they need as the importance of environmental protection grows.


ZCL fibreglass tanks and piping solutions for chemical storage are constructed of non-corrosive Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite material and premium quality grade resins specifically made for corrosive liquids and high temperatures. FRP piping is designed specifically for aggressive chemical environments using only commercial grade resins and reinforcing materials.