Hear from Our Employees

Want to know what its like to work for us? Who better to ask than our employees themselves.

I am in my 15th year with the “Companies”. I enjoy working for ZCL because of the people.  I work with a great mix of people, so every day is new and interesting.”

- Jay - (15 years)

ZCL is a great company to work for. We have a very good safety program and a safe and friendly working environment. We have a good benefit package. Our manager is very caring and open minded. He listens to everybody’s concerns, treats everybody equally and with respect.

- Kuldip – (6 years)

ZCL is a great company, ZCL corrosion has positions that are suitable for each employees own situation. Management and production team are open to listening and sharing. Generally, it is friendly and has a safe atmosphere.

- Quan - (20 years)

ZCL is giving us a good Benefit plan. We have a good safety working environment here.The management team helps us out all of the time and we have a friendly environment.

- Aruna - (3 years)